Via Caravaggio, 6 - Casarano, Lecce, Italia


famiglia de donatis

Where we're from...

Villa de Donatis offers you a truly elegant stay, nestling on the hill of the Madonna della Campana in Casarano, a little gem in the heart of Salento at equal distances from the Adriatic and Ionian seas.
The current owner is Agnese de Donatis whose father Gerardo built this wonderful villa within its unique setting in 1959. An innovative concept for the times, Gerardo was able to create a space for his friends and relatives in which they could enjoy the same timeless emotions from within the villa as they could enjoy looking across the panorama from outside.
Right from the outset and throughout the 1960s, our villa has welcomed many guests and celebrities within its walls – in this way we have offered a breath of fresh air, relaxation and liberty to everyone who has come to stay with us.
Since rennovation and restyling in 2006, and subsequently in 2016, Agnese has endeavoured to perfect the unique character of each and every single part of our villa. This includes maximising space and interiors along with furnishings in luxurious and high-quality materials, traditional local ceramics as well as carefully restored family antiques.
Fig trees, olives, oleanders, stawberry trees and palms all enrich our villa's wonderful gardens, gardens scented with sage, rosemary, lavender and laurel – the real essence, or dare we say, perfume of the Mediterranean. In summer, our broad portico also offers a shaded and cool area in which to enjoy a wonderful breakfast on hot, balmy summer days.
Villa de Donatis offers you 60 years of experience in real Mediterranean hospitality!

La nostra squadra

Our Staff

The restoration and decoration of an elegant villa is by no means an easy task. However, creating an excellent team of highly dedicated professional staff in order to guarantee our villa and its guests the utmost in service and care is no mean feat either. Every member of our staff is highly competent and trained in his or her specific area of expertise, areas which have also evolved in time with our villa. We have a wonderful team spirit, generosity and warmth that we feel is reflected in the day-to-day life of Villa de Donatis.