Via Caravaggio, 6 - Casarano, Lecce, Italia


At Villa de Donatis, we see to it that our breakfast – the most important moment of the day – is not just the start of the day, but rather the star of the day – with a breakfast that is always an enjoyable and delicious surprise to suit every taste! Our philosophy is that of Slow Food, thus we prefer choice Italian products with quality ingredients that are both organic and local. Our fruit and vegetables come mainly from our own Garden of Delights or are carefully sourced from local producers.

Every morning, Agnese – a specialist in Italian patisserie and savouries and qualified at the Boscolo Etoile Academy – wakes up early in order to prepare a rich, varied and fresh breakfast for our guests. With a selection of both sweet and savoury specialities, our breakfast is sure to satisfy and delight the diverse tastes of our guests.

Every day a different breakfast!

If you have a special dietary requirement or allergies/intolerances, please inform us when booking so we can prepare some tasty alternatives for your breakfast.


Our large kitchen gives our winter breakfast its special character thanks to an intimate and warm environment with high-quality furniture and marble table tops all in time-honoured Salento style and proudly part of the de Donatis family tradition. Viennese chairs and an antique 1800s table become both a meeting point and symbol of conviviality for all of our guests who, every morning, discover a rich buffet laid out before them on antique marble and vintage sideboards.

Warmer seasons…

A portico with fig and olive trees sets the stage for breakfast during the spring, summer and autumn. Here you can enjoy the delightful shade of these wonderful Mediterranean trees with the scent of their beautiful fragrant foliage, antique rustic tables, traditional wicker Salentinian chairs with skilfully handwoven antique fabrics, Lucugnano terracotta crockery, and vintage 1950s furnishings all of which lend our breakfast its unmistakably traditional Salentinian character. At Villa de Donatis, our guests have a genuinely Salentinian experience in every way!

We are sure that you won't be able to resist the mouth-watering aroma of butter and our freshly-baked breads and croissants – just inviting you to sit down and enjoy a breakfast prepared that has been specially prepared for you ...

Hospitality is our joy!

caffettiera bialetti

Every morning a warm aroma of freshly prepared coffee enriches Villa de Donatis – tantalising our guests' senses and inviting them to enjoy a truly Italian experience.

In Italy, particularly here in the South, coffee takes second place only to water! For this reason, at Villa de Donatis preparing our Moka for our guests is more than just brewing a simple morning coffee, it's part of our morning ritual and an Italian daily rite!

Quarta Caffè is an Italian coffee company that was founded in Lecce during 1950s. Since then – with its passionate and intense flavour – Quarta has become a symbol of Salento as well as being part of its history for over sixty years.

A blend of arabica and robusta coffees – a Salentinian aroma!

caffè villa de donatis

Our fruit preserves are made every week with the fruit we grow in our villa's Garden of Delights so as to ensure that all the wonderful freshness and aroma of our fruit trees is brought directly to our guests' tables!

We like to prepare our baked foods using extra-virgin olive oil from our own grove. In addition, the flours we prefer in our bakery are the time-honoured varieties of Cappelli or Tumminia (an ancient Sicilian durum wheat from the Trapani area).

We feel that these ancient varieties have remained more authentic as they have not undergone any artificial changes in order to boost harvests.

torte e crostate

Breakfast in style!

Our antique dishes, vintage cutlery, locally crafted handwoven fabrics, lit candles and fresh flowers, table stands, glass domes and antique sieves all create a