Via Caravaggio, 6 - Casarano, Lecce, Italia

La Terrazza sul Salento

terrazza sul salento

Welcome to Villa De Donatis, our luxury guest house in Salento, Apulia!
Our villa is located just a few kilometres from the sea, nestling high up on a hill overlooking beautiful scenery characterised by olive groves, Mediterranean maquis and countryside steeped in serenity – all of which our guests can enjoy while bathing in our luxurious open air pool that looks out over this wonderful panorama.

la nostra storia

The owner, Agnese de Donatis, a young entrepreneur with great experience in the tourist sector, has dedicated all of her talents and expertise in order to perfect every detail of the villa and its grounds in order to make it the thoroughly welcoming and special place for our guests that we are proud to say it is.

At Villa de Donatis, we offer our guests both relaxation and comfort, with great attention paid to every detail of our guests' well-being – starting with a hearty breakfast full of rich and authentic local ingredients to start off our guests' day with a continental breakfast par excellance! It is no surprise then, that the heart of Villa de Donatis is without doubt its kitchen, a spacious and welcoming area in which our guests may enjoy breakfast during the colder seasons.

The kitchen's bespoke wooden furnishing have all been carefully created by artisans according to the express wishes of Agnese, who is also proud to hold qualifications from the Boscolo Etoile Academy. Our rooms and suites are quiet and serene – decorated in the finest of materials and antique furnishings in order to guarantee comfort and also to continue the long tradition of the de Donatis family. Every room boasts an elegant en suite bathroom, fully furnished with everything our guests could wish for and in complete harmony with its individual style and character. In addition, all of our rooms, bathrooms and lounge areas boast lighting systems that have been studied in detail along with reading spaces, televisions and bedside tables so our guests can relax at leisure however they wish.

Our villa's hall is spacious and light with enormous windows which allow our guests to sit back comfortably on our sofas and enjoy the splendid Salentinian panorama that is to be enjoyed.

Rooms and Suites

Villa de Donatis offers a combination of comfort and luxury in each and every one of our stylistically unique rooms and suites, each one in its own way offering our guests an oasis of peace and serenity that evokes the idyllic character of Salento and its elegant and sunny spirit.

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At Villa de Donatis, we see to it that our breakfast – the most important moment of the day – is not just the start of the day, but rather the star of the day – with a breakfast that is always an enjoyable and delicious surprise to suit every taste!

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Je me suis toujours occupée du côté gastronomique du séjour à Villa de Donatis et j’ai récemment décidé de rendre ce dernier encore plus intéressant en organisant à la Villa des cours de cuisine.

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